Staffing Update – MAPS deadline August 31, 2022 (noon)

The deadline for the submission of a Mutually Agreed Position Switch (MAPS) application, as per Page 18 of the Staffing Rules of the Blue Binder, is noon on August 30, 2022. However, a printing error on the MAPS form in the Blue Binder, states a deadline of noon on August 31, 2022. The Board, accordingly, […] Read More

Staffing Update – Staff Allocation Update, March 18, 2019

The following memo was sent to all OSSTF TTBU Members on March 18, 2019 Early this afternoon OSSTF Toronto TTBU Executive was informed by the TDSB that they will be releasing allocation in two stages.  The first, this Thursday, we allocation for classroom teachers, ESL teachers, Special Education Teachers and for TDSS (Section 23) […] Read More

TTBU Staffing Upate – Post Cone of Silence

Dear Members, Today you received a letter from the Board indicating your current staffing disposition for the 2017-2018 school year.  While no bumping was required everyone is guaranteed a job this year, some people still don’t know yet where they will be working.  The Members of the Executive understand that this may be unsettling for... Read More

Staffing Update – Bumping

We are happy to report that the Board has determined that there will be no “bumping” required as part of the 2017-2018 Board-Wide placement staffing process for secondary teachers. This is the first time since 2011 that the Board has been able to make this decision and means that no OSSTF TTBU Members will be […] Read More

Staffing Update Memo

OSSTF Toronto Staffing Officers and the Board met  last week and again today to continue the process of placing members.  While not all members will have jobs on the first day of school, the number of members requiring full time placements at this juncture is well below 100, a marked improvement from past years.  Having said […] Read More

Staffing Update Memo – June 8, 2016

Dear Members, When OSSTF Toronto was first amalgamated into a single bargaining unit, members had no rights in the staffing process other than to be placed in accordance with seniority and qualifications.  Over the years, as the result of both negotiations and the right we won through negotiations to an annual review of the staffing […] Read More

2015-16 Staffing Update Memo #4

  By the Numbers The final Staffing Placement Meeting of this school year occurred on Tuesday, June 23.  As of the writing of this memo 288 secondary teachers remain fully or partially unplaced for a total FTE of 270.5.  Last year at this time we had 390 unplaced (FTE of 363), so we continue to […] Read More

2015-16 Staffing Update Memo #3

Once again many of our members are unsure of their future.  Teachers who have been bumped or declared surplus and placed in a new school, who are partially placed, or who are yet to be placed all face a particular kind of stress that some – by virtue of experience – may be getting used to, but […] Read More

2015-2016 Staffing Update Memo #2 – Tuesday, May 19, 2015

“Cone of Silence” – Central Placement Meetings Tuesday, May 19 marks the start of the staffing period known as the “Cone of Silence”.  Transfer requests, and the placement process – which is likely to include bumping again this year – will begin on Thursday, May 21 and continue to Wednesday June 3.  Teachers will […] Read More

2015-2016 Staffing Update Memo #1 – April 30, 2015

As members know, the staffing process for 2014-15 ended with all Surplus/Recall List members being placed into FTE-equivalent positions to those they held last year.  Therefore, no one lost their job. Now the staffing process 2015-16 school year is well underway. All members completed Seniority Verification Forms in January, school staff... Read More