TTBU Informing & Engaging Members #36 – Termination of LTD coverage; Benefits during the summer; Violence in schools law guide; and more…

Doug Ford’s hiring freeze announcement The information available to date is that the announced hiring freeze does not affect school boards and that the GSN’s remain in place with hiring going forward as planned. Termination of LTD – important changes As of March 1, 2018, benefits now terminate at the earlier of (i) the end... Read More

TTBU Informing & Engaging Members #35 – Pride Celebration; Branch Elections; Constitution & Steering call for members and more…

Branch Executive Elections This is a reminder that in accordance with the TTBU Constitution, all Branches must hold their Branch Executive Elections in June if possible, or no later than by the start of the third week in September.  Please see Branch Executive Election Procedures on our website for information about the procedures for... Read More

Power and phone outage at OSSTF Toronto Office

Due to power outage, phone line damage and damage to our building all caused by yesterday’s storm, OSSTF Toronto office is closed today. A building safety inspection is being arranged. Should you need to reach a Member of the Executive, email is best.  If you do call, please leave a voicemail which should be transferred to […] Read More

Informing & Engaging Members #34 – Bill 115 Remedy pay; Sick leave & doctor’s notes; Benefits while on x/y leave; and more…

Bill 115 Remedy grid restoration payments OSSTF Chief Negotiator Lisa Black-Meddings has been in regular contact with the Board’s Payroll Manager Ann Anderson, advocating that the Board meet its obligations under the Remedy Agreement. In response, TDSB Payroll Manager Anderson, shared with Lisa the following communication that was sent  to... Read More

President’s Memo to OSSTF Toronto Members re: Provincial Election June 7

Provincial Election – June 7 Dear Members, A Doug Ford-led government poses an immediate threat to publicly funded education.  He has not put out a fully costed plan precisely because it would have to include billions of dollars in cuts to public spending.  We know from experience that this can only result in […] Read More

OSSTF Toronto withdraws endorsement of Ontario Liberal Party candidates

Dear OSSTF Toronto Members, This morning the Ontario Liberal Party held a press conference at which they continued their new campaign theme of attacking the NDP’s “close ties” with unions.  When taken together with the statements made by Kathleen Wynne during the debate, and again on CBC’s Metro Morning earlier this morning, today’s press... Read More