A Message to OSSTF/FEESO Members from the Provincial Executive

A Message to OSSTF/FEESO Members from the Provincial Executive (original attached) As events have unfolded both inside and outside the Federation, it has been an extremely difficult time for many OSSTF/FEESO members who have experienced the pain of systemic racism and the barriers it creates. We as the Provincial Executive have spent time... Read More

Informing & Engaging Members June 25, 2020 – School year calendar; Strike cheques; DEC nominations call; Student Awards and more….

2020-2021 school year calendar All Boards across Ontario, including the TDSB, are still waiting for the Ministry of Education to approve the school year calendar for 2020-21. Members are should refrain from committing to plans in the last week of August until the start date of the new school year and vacation periods are confirmed. […] Read More

TTBU Council Provincial Councillor election results

The following are the results of the election held at TTBU Council on June 18 for TTBU Provincial Councilors for the 2020-21 Federation Year, four to be elected: Danica Izzard 62 – Elected Lisa Black-Meddings 58 – Elected Michelle Teixeira 53 – Elected Michael Platt 50  – Elected Heather Byrnes 39 Rick Beer 28 Kristina... Read More

Informing & Engaging Members, June 19, 2020; Staffing update; Recall List Teachers extension deal; Next school year; T-2200 update; White Ribbon webinar for educators; and more…

Staffing Update  On June 8, 2020, the Cone of Silence was lifted and many teachers received letters indicating their placement status. On that day, 246 teachers received letters that they were either fully or partially surplus to the Board. As of June 17, 2020 that number has been reduced to 222. However, as the Board […] Read More

June 2020 TTBU Council Meeting

June 2020 TTBU Council Meeting The last TTBU Council meeting of this school year will be held on Thursday June 18th at 4 PM – 6:30 PM via Telephone Town Hall. Registered Council Representatives will receive a call at the time of the meeting.  However, as always, all TBU Members are welcome to attend Council. […] Read More

June 11 2020 Informing & Engaging Members – Celebrating PRIDE; Strike pay; T2200 & expenses; Preparing for September; Teaching from home research study opportunities; Call for election organizer applicants; and more…

Preparing for September While we all continue to wait for the Minister of Education to announce what he plans for schools in September, as well as the funding that will be provided to school boards, The TDSB is developing contingency plans based on three different scenarios: fully remote teaching; a hybrid model with some in-person […] Read More

OSSTF Toronto District 12 anti-Black racism statement and actions

OSSTF Toronto District 12 Executive unanimously endorsed the following statement and actions: The Toronto Teachers, Occasional Teachers and Professional Student Support Services Bargaining Units of OSSTF District 12, Toronto, acknowledge the pervasive and destructive forces of anti-Black racism and white supremacy on our membership, the... Read More