2019-20 President’s Memo #1: Ministry Announcement re: Class Size

Dear Members, This morning the Ontario Progressive Conservative Government’s Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce, held a press conference at which, among other things, he said there is a Regulation requiring a 22.5:1 class size average for the coming school year.  He further said that this has always been the case, stating it was a... Read More

Staffing Update – June 28, 2019

Dear Members, As of today, 329 of our colleagues learned that they are either without a job, or have only a partial placement.  Specifically 282 TDSB high school teachers were told they do not have employment for September, while 47 learned their contract status is reduced to half time. Given the defunding of our schools […] Read More

Informing & Engaging Members: MAPS; PRIDE; Timetable distribution; September Council elections; The case for investing in education; & more…

The case for investing in education Attached is a copy of the Media Release about the economic report called The Economic Case for Investing in Education that outlines the result of a study into the impact of education funding on the economy. Conducted by by the Chief Economist of the Conference Board of Canada, this report […] Read More

Informing & Engaging Members – new dress code policy

June 7th – Surplus to Board notification & #OneYearAfter Friday, June 7th is the one year anniversary of the election of Doug Ford – thus the call to action in last week’s news letter.  It is also the day that OSSTF TTBU Members across the city will learn their tentative employment status for next year.  […] Read More

Provincial OSSTF Advisory: Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP Looking for Data on Student Course Selection: members advised not to participate

To: Presidents and All Members From: Harvey Bischof, President For Immediate Action We have become aware that Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) is contacting school guidance counsellors via email. PwC is conducting a study on the secondary online education market in Ontario. Their objective is to “…understand how students select courses, what... Read More

Informing & Engaging Members: EduACTion; Lessons from US teacher strikes; Autism consulation; Equity advisory group members wanted; & more…

EduACTion Talk to the Trustees! Members are encouraged to book a slot to speak about the impacts of the proposed TDSB budget on your students at any of the designated TDSB Finance, Budget and Enrolment Committee meetings.  To register to make a deputation: Send a request in writing by completing the Delegation Request Form to […] Read More