Provincial OSSTF distance learning advisory workgroup – call for applications

The following is from Provincial OSSTF.  It provides for a process for recommenation to this work group whereby the TTBU Executive may identify Members with expertise already known to us, as well as recommend those who apply.  The TTBU Executive has recommended one person already.  As there is a limit of 10 total on the […] Read More

March 26, 2020 Message from Harvey Bischof, President, OSSTF/FEESO

In a time of great uncertainty, it is inevitable that some confusion will arise, even with the best of intentions. Sadly, we may also see attempts to create unnecessary division when the vast majority of people and institutions are doing their best to cope with an extremely difficult situation. Therefore, I want to provide some […] Read More

OSSTF TTBU Informing & Engaging Members, March 26, 2020: A message from the TTBU Executive; Staffing update; Calling students; PPAS Workshop still on; and more…

A message from the TTBU Executive According to the Board’s own data, 22,500 TDSB students do not have TDSB email addresses. Thousands of students live without enough household income to ensure three full meals each day and for those students high speed wifi at home may be an unattainable luxury.  We also know that not […] Read More

Provincial OSSTF COVID19 update

You may have received this same memo directly from Provincial OSSTF.  Unfortunately, we don’t know how many TTBU members are on that distribution list.  To ensure everyone is as up to date as possible, we will continue to send Provincial OSSTF updates to the TTBU email list with apologies to those of you who receive […] Read More

COVID 19 Update, March 19, 2020 – Working during school closure period

Dear Members, Today, at the request of OSSTF Toronto, the TDSB convened virtual discussion tables (i.e. conference calls) so that together we could identify initial issues and share concerns about what working under school closure conditions might entail both in the short term, and potentially over a longer period of time. As you might... Read More

Today’s communication from the employer

Dear Members, The TDSB sent a communication to the entire system today.  As a result, many contract employees are now unsure as to whether they will be paid full salary for the two week closure period. Over the past number of days, due to pressure from myself, the OSSTF Toronto OTBU and PSSP Presidents, along […] Read More

OSSTF Toronto COVID19 response

Given the present situation in regard to COVID19 and the closure of schools, all TDSB Board offices and buildings and provincial OSSTF the TTBU Executive has assigned our staff to work from home during the closure period, after March Break until April 3, 2020 inclusive.   This does not mean our work stops. Members of the […] Read More