2015-2016 Staffing Update Memo #1 – April 30, 2015

As members know, the staffing process for 2014-15 ended with all Surplus/Recall List members being placed into FTE-equivalent positions to those they held last year.  Therefore, no one lost their job.

Now the staffing process 2015-16 school year is well underway.

All members completed Seniority Verification Forms in January, school staff allocation was released in March, and School Staffing Committees created School Staffing Models and ensured, where necessary, that declaration of surplus occurred by consensus and in accordance with the Collective Agreement.  Where consensus could not be achieved, or where there were other problems with the process were reported to OSSTF, the Union is pursuing remedy with the employer.

Current Numbers

As was reported at April Teacher Bargaining Unit Council, 535 FTE (553 members) received letters indicating they are surplus to school, with 66 known vacancies.  As of the writing of this memo the number of teachers still surplus to school is  481 FTE (498 members).  By comparison, last year there was a total of 619 FTE declared surplus to school, with 56.5 known vacancies.

It would appear then, that we are in a marginally better position this year, but as always, placement is still dependent on vacancies arising and we expect fewer retirements this year than last.

School Closures

In addition to the regular staffing process, the staff at the two schools slated for closure at the end of this year – Nelson A Boylen and Eastern Commerce – are participating in the School Closure Staffing Procedures per the Staffing and Surplus Manual (Blue Binder).

School Staffing Committees

School Staffing Committees will continue to be meeting regularly to be kept up to date about staffing changes due to approved Leaves of Absence, Retirements, and Pull Backs until May 19, when we move into the “Cone of Silence” period of Staffing.

Important Dates

  • April 30  – First teaching posting
  • May 6 – First teaching posting closes at noon
  • May 19 NOON – DEADLINE: withdrawal of transfer request
  • May 19 – Start of “Cone of Silence” period
  • June 8 – “Cone of Silence” period ends
  • June 8 – Teachers are informed of their staffing placement/status for 2015-16 school year

A full list of staffing dates, including POR posting dates, placement meeting dates and the dates of the second teacher posting, is available in the Staffing and Surplus Manual on our website, “Staffing Dates” section.

Your OSSTF Staffing Officers for this year are:

As always, should you have any questions or concerns about the staffing process, do not hesitate to contact your Executive Officer or an OSSTF Staffing Officer.