Staffing Update #7, January 30, 2015

As of the end of today’s placement meeting, 5 members whose contract status last year was 1.0 are still at .5 FTE.  Those five individuals will be contacted by the board with a reminder of the meeting that is being held on Monday, February 2 for teachers who remain on the Recall List. In addition to those five teachers, […] Read More

Staffing Update Memo #6 – December 17, 2015

As a result of the inclement weather cancellation of December TBU Council, this memo is being provided in order to provide an update on staffing. As of today’s placement meeting, there are no longer any teachers who remain fully surplus to the board. There are however still 60 teachers who are still in need of […] Read More

Staffing Update Memo #5

Staffing Update Memo #5 As reported at Bargaining Unit Council, at the most recent placement meeting held on Thursday, October 16 we placed 9 teachers who had semester 1 placements only into semester two positions reverting them to full time status. We placed another 3 teachers who were in part time, all year positions either […] Read More

Staffing Update #3 – Current Enrolment

Over the weekend a TDSB Trustee released the following message into the social media realm: “When it comes to #TDSB secondary schools we are 4,947 students below projection (-6.40%). Not exactly a great start…” While the number quoted above is accurate, it is offered without context and may leave OSSTF Toronto teachers concerned. According to... Read More

Staffing Update, August 26, 2014

Staffing Update – August 27, 2014 The Union and Board met on Tuesday, August 26 to continue the staffing process. At that time there were 223 individuals – some who are .5 teachers by contract status – still surplus. We began with an FTE of 40 vacancies (there were many more than 40 vacancies but with some […] Read More

Staffing Update, August 21, 2014

Staffing meetings with the board resumed on Wednesday, August 20. At that time there were 310 surplus teachers, and 68 vacancies. All but two of those vacancies were filled by surplus teachers. The two vacancies that were not filled required specialized qualifications that no one on the list of surplus teachers has. Staffing meetings will... Read More