Staffing Update Memo – June 8, 2016

Dear Members,

When OSSTF Toronto was first amalgamated into a single bargaining unit, members had no rights in the staffing process other than to be placed in accordance with seniority and qualifications.  Over the years, as the result of both negotiations and the right we won through negotiations to an annual review of the staffing process, the union has gained many rights for members – the right to be pulled back; the right to ‘try on’ certain placements, an ability to provide preferences in terms of area of placement, the ability for surplus teachers to apply to vacancies, a school closing procedure, the opportunity for term postings, and more.

Despite all of these gains, without changes to the provincial government’s education funding formula, we are unable to ameliorate the detrimental effect of declining enrolment under an education funding formula which provides for staffing based on enrolment.

Today some of you will have received notice today that you are placed at a new school, bumped and placed, or remain without placement at this time.  We know that no matter how many rights have been gained, or how many times a person goes through this process, it is no less difficult.

Information Meeting

Your OSSTF Executive members are available to answer your questions and ensure that the staffing process is implemented as agreed upon.  For those of you who wish to meet us in person, a reminder that we are holding a meeting tomorrow, Thursday, June 9, for any member impacted by the Staffing Process.  The meeting will start at 4:30. OSSTF Staffing Officers will be on hand to answer your questions and hear your concerns.  You can RSVP your attendance on our website.

By the Numbers

We began this round of staffing with 359 FTE unplaced teachers. ( Last year it was 478).  After transfers and the first round of placements, there are 269 FTE teachers still unplaced.   Our next placement meeting is on Monday, June 27.

As always, please contact your Executive Officer if you have a question about staffing or any other union-related issue.