Branch Presidents’ Memo November 6, 2020 – Remote learning model(s)

Dear Branch Presidents, We hope you and your members are managing well in these challenging times. Attached you will find a very short questionnaire about the remote learning model(s) being implemented at your Branch. It shouldn’t take more than a minute or two for you to complete. Having this information will allow us to know […] Read More

Election Commission Memo: TTBU 2020 Executive Election Results

President – 1 to be elected Rick Beer  472 Leslie Wolfe 1334 – Elected Vice President – 2 to be elected Rick Beer 752 Michael Platt 973 – Elected Michelle Teixeira 1148 – Elected Treasurer – 1 to be elected David Pickering ACCLAIMED Executive Officer – 6 to be elected Lisa Black-Meddings 1163 – Elected Chris Chandler... Read More

TTBU Branch Presidents’ Memo, April 3, 2020

Dear Branch Presidents, Thank you for your continued work on behalf of the Members at your Branch. There is understandably a high level of angst among the Membership for many reasons, and many are naturally turning to you for guidance and support, and to answer their questions. We know you want to be there for […] Read More