2024 Staffing and Workload Survey Instructions

Dear Branch President, Thanks for your ongoing leadership at your worksite. Please read carefully the following instructions, regarding the 2024 Staffing and Workload Survey. You and your Principal must agree upon a date between March 1, 2024 and May 30, 2024 for the contractually mandated Staffing and Workload Survey, which is to occur... Read More

UPDATE : Staffing and Workload Survey Instructions

Dear Branch President, As a follow-up to our email to you on February 14, 2024, please see the following reminders regarding the contractually-mandated 2024 Staffing and Workload Survey. 1) Please be reminded than when you have settled on the date for the survey with your Principal (in either the March, April or May Staff Meeting), […] Read More

Branch President’s Memo – April 3 2023

Dear Branch President, Thanks for your ongoing leadership at your worksite, and for the sacrifice of time and energy you are making to guide your School Staffing Committee’s work on upholding our members’ job security rights under the Collective Agreement and Secondary Staffing Manual. We are sending a friendly reminder that tomorrow is the... Read More

Branch President’s Memo – March 22, 2023

Dear Branch President, Thank you for your ongoing leadership, and we look forward to providing any support you and your union School Staffing Committee members may need now that the spring staffing process is underway. If you have any questions, please contact your Executive Officer. If you have not yet accessed your School Staffing Committee... Read More

Branch Presidents’ Memo – October 24th 2022

Dear Branch President, Continuing thanks for your ongoing leadership and support for members of the Toronto Teachers’ Bargaining Unit (TTBU) at your worksite. In order to support your work as the Co-Chair of your School Staffing Committee in monitoring and enforcing employer compliance with our members’ contractual workload entitlements at... Read More

Branch Presidents’ Memo – September 29, 2022

Executive School Visits As reported at September TBU Council, the Executive is embarking on a series of Schools Visits throughout October and November. These visits will be an opportunity for the Members at your Branch to review the role of OSSTF Toronto, how we can provide assistance, and how Members can get more involved with […] Read More

Branch Presidents’ Memo – September 19, 2022

If you are not currently the Branch President for your worksite, please forward this email to the appropriate person.  Dear Branch President, Welcome back! We hope that you were able to enjoy a restful and safe summer. The TTBU Executive wishes to thank you for choosing to act as the Branch President in your school. […] Read More

2022 Election for Provincial Councillors

Branch Presidents are asked with thanks to please share this information with the June Council Reps for your Branch, where applicable. 2022-23 TTBU Provincial Councillor Candidates: As of the deadline of 4:30 pm, June 1, 2022, the following seven nominations were received for four available positions: Heather Byrnes, Don Mills Collegiate... Read More

Branch Presidents’ Memo – April 25, 2022

Dear Branch President, Continuing thanks for your hard work on behalf of your members, on your School Staffing Committee and beyond. See below for some important reminders and updates. Surplus to School declaration issues The meeting for TTBU members confirmed Surplus to School has been moved from its original date of April 26th, 2022, to May... Read More