Branch Presidents’ Memo: Thank you; Strikehub Sub forms

Dear Branch Presidents, The TTBU Executive extends our deepest thanks to you and your Strike Action Committee Members.  The successes we had on December 4th are due to your hard work, solidarity, and commitment, and we know it and appreciate it! This fight isn’t over by a long shot.  The TTBU Executive suspects we will […] Read More

2019-20 TTBU Branch Presidents’ Memo #2 – Action Teams; BP Workshop registration; Solidarity Walk-in; Workload survey date

Branch Action Teams:  Mobilizing Our Branches for Strength in Bargaining As was reported on at Council, we are asking you to put into place a Branch Action Team.  This team will be the hub for initiating, organizing and implementing actions in our fight against cuts, and to support bargaining. Community outreach actions; running a […] Read More

2019-20 Branch Presidents’ Memo #1 – Branch Presidents’ Workshop; Coverage/Supervision & IEP implementation; Opting out of paper; and more…

If you are no longer a Branch President, kindly forward this to the person who is now fulfilling this role.  We will update our distribution list as the updated Branch Executive information comes in to our office.  Thanks! Dear Branch Presidents, A special welcome back to all our Branch Presidents!  We hope you had a […] Read More

Staffing Committee Training Workshop – Materials

Dear Branch President, Thank you to those of you who were able to attend the Staffing Committee Training Workshop on March 4 2019. Please forward this email and its materials to members of your staffing committee. A chart documenting the changes to the Blue Binder for the 2019-2020 school year is available. As always, the […] Read More

Branch President’s Memo # 6 – EduACTion province-wide Rallies Feb 7; Staffing Workshops & Survey Access; Coverage and Supervision

Dear Branch Presidents, Say No To Cuts – province-wide information rallies: Feb 7 It’s time for everyone to step up! In solidarity with Provincial OSSTF, Ontario, OSSTF Toronto is joining Members across the province by holding 11 Information Rallies across the city. Each rally is being held in a high pedestrian traffic area in the […] Read More

OSSTF TTBU 2018-19 Branch Presidents’ Memo #5

Dear Branch Presidents, Welcome back!  We hope you had a restful and enjoyable break.  In this memo you will find information about both the annual Staffing & Workload Survey, as well as the ongoing Political Engagement Survey.  There is also an important reminder about 2nd semester tentative time table deadlines and upcoming staffing... Read More