Message to members about AMPA 2.0 & the Action Plan to support Equity and Anti-Oppression from the in-coming OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Executive

Message to members from the incoming OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Executive (original attached; also attached is a press release introducing the new Provincial Executive) June 22, 2021 Dear members, Thank you for your participation in AMPA 1.0 and AMPA 2.0. We acknowledge that AMPA 2.0 resulted in significant pain and trauma to OSSTF/FEESO members... Read More

June 10, 2021 Informing & Engaging Members – By-Election results; Timetabling for next year; Save the date; Strategic Action Plan submissions; and more…

TTBU 2021 By-Election results The following candidates were elected to the TTBU Executive during the By-Election at today’s TTBU Council Meeting Vice-President Chris Chandler Executive Officer Maryline Lanteigne Jason Kunin Deborah Buchanan Walford Provincial Councillors Chris Chandler Derik Chica Nicole Gauthier Danica Izzard... Read More

OSSTF Toronto TBU #saynotohybrid #hybridhurtskids campaign resources

TTBU #saynotohybrid campaign The Toronto District School Board knows that forcing students to learn in an environment where the teacher’s attention is divided between on-screen and in-person instruction is not good pedagogy, however, whether there is hybrid teaching/learning next year remains undecided, and squarely in the hands of the... Read More

TTBU By-Election Candidates’ Second Literature:

Linked below is the second piece of campaign literature for candidates in the TTBU Executive By-Election. Candidates for Vice President Candidates for Executive Officer* *Please note that Sarah Isaacs has withdrawn from the by-election for Executive Officer, and therefore her literature is not included. Voting will take place tonight at... Read More

June 8 2022, President’s Memo – Systemic Racism and AMPA 2.0

This memo is composed by OSSTF TTBU President Leslie Wolfe and reflects the positions and actions of the OSSTF Toronto Teachers’ Bargaining Unit Executive. President’s Memo, June 8 2022 – Statement about Systemic Racism and AMPA 2.0 The news of the hate-motivated murder of a Muslim family, Talat Afzaal age 74, Salman Afzaal age 46, […] Read More

Important information about the TTBU June 2021 By-Election

Important information about the TTBU June 2021 By–Election With nominations now closed, we would like to take this opportunity to draw to the attention of Members the following information: Candidates for Executive By–Election, June Council, 2021 Vice President – one to be elected; Nominations received: Chris Chandler... Read More