The Camille Natale Awards

The Camille Natale Awards 2021 The annual Camille Natale Awards reflect OSSTF Toronto’s belief in the power of student action to make a difference for peace, social justice, equity and human rights locally and globally. The awards are administered by both the District’s Communications and Political Action and Human Rights Committees. Awards... Read More

CPAC Anti-Black Racism Advocacy Workshop

Please join other OSSTF Toronto in an interactive Anti-Black Racism Advocacy Workshop on August 27 starting at 2PM This 90-minute interactive session will provide a space for educators to share and develop strategies to support and advocate for Black students at both the micro and macro levels (i.e., at school and beyond). The goal is […] Read More

CPAC Book Club

Please submit multiple forms if you wish to participate in more than one reading group. Read More

School Resource Officers Forum

Registration Closed Should OSSTF Call for a Ban on Police Officers Stationed in Public Schools? In the lead up to OSSTF’s Annual General Meeting, hear from activists and educators answering hard questions about what safety really means for our students.   An OSSTF District 12 Communications and Political Action Committee Event Endorsed... Read More

Lessons from the Wave of US Teacher Strikes

Red State Revolt is a recently published book by Eric Blanc. The book is a compelling analysis of the emergence and development of a historic wave of education strikes in the US. A former high school teacher, labour journalist, Eric Blanc, embedded himself into leaderships of these strikes, where he was given access to internal […] Read More

Train the Trainer Workshop

The Ford government is skillful at distracting from harmful funding cuts with chaos, confusion and sideshow entertainment. Our work as educators committed to defending public education is to cut through the rhetoric and let our coworkers and neighbours know how these budget cuts are likely to impact our daily lives. What will a $1 Billion... Read More

Queen’s Park Notes for the week of March 25-29, 2019

From the Provincial Office of OSSTF EDUCATION NEWS EDUCATION MINISTER TOUTS MCDONALD’S JOBS FOR YOUTH During Question Period, NDP MPP Faisal Hassan (York South—Weston) asked the Minister of Education how she was preparing youth for employment by asking, “Again, my question is to the Minister of Education. Under this government’s watch... Read More

Queen’s Park News for the week of February 19-22, 2019

From the Provincial Office of OSSTF EDUCATION NEWS BILL 48, SAFE AND SUPPORTIVE CLASSROOMS ACT Education Minister Lisa Thompson’s (Huron—Bruce) government bill passed second reading debate and was referred to the Legislative Committee on Social Policy. The bill will now have two days of public hearings scheduled for Monday February 25 and... Read More

Registration for Activists Summer Institute

This event is sponsored by OSSTF Toronto CPAC and ETT PAC. It will be held at the OSSTF Toronto Office located at 1482 Bathurst Street on the 4th floor Please register by August 23. T Read More