Frequently Asked Questions

When should I seek union assistance?

Speak to your Branch President or Executive Officer when:

  • You have been asked to a meeting with the administration on a matter that is, or may be disciplinary;
  • If you believe there has been a violation of any of the provisions of the Collective Agreement, the Secondary Staffing Binder, or the Staffing Accord;
  • If you have a Health and Safety concern.

NOTE: Administrators are contractually obligated to inform you of your right to union representation where the administration can reasonably expect that a situation that they wish to meet with you about could lead to disciplinary action.


Call the Union office to speak with your Executive Officer when:

  • You are told by the administration that you are being sent home;
  • As soon as you become aware of an accusation against you of inappropriate touch, physical assault or sexual assault by a colleague, student or parent of a student;
  • BEFORE speaking with police or the children’s aid society, if you are asked to do so;
  • If you receive notification of a complaint filed against you at the College of Teachers;
  • If you are requested or required to speak to police about anything work-related;
  • If you receive, or anticipate receiving an unsatisfactory rating on your Teacher Performance Appraisal, or if you believe the process has been violated;
  • If you need to make use of the Work Refusal procedure under the Health and Safety Act;
  • If you wish to arrange for mediation due to a conflict you are having with another member of OSSTF;
  • When you are injured or have a work-related accident;
  • Or if you have been off on sick leave and are running out of sick days.

NOTE:  You may excuse yourself from any meeting to make this contact and you can refuse to speak with administration or police until you have spoken with an Executive Member and received advice.  Politely explain that you are happy to cooperate, but you would first like to speak to your Union representative.