Executive Members

Hayssam Hulays

Executive Officer

HAYSSAM HULAYS began teaching Math and Computer Science in 2002 at William Lyon Mackenzie C.I. He has since taught at Georges Vanier Secondary School and Harbord C.I. where he was Assistant Curriculum Leadership of the Business and Computer Science Department.

Hayssam has served on a number of District Committees and acted as Chair of the Political Action Committee and the Human Rights Committee.  He was elected to the Executive in January 2013. Hayssam was a member of Provincial OSSTF Human Rights Committee and its chair. Hayssam was elected Vice Chair of Provincial OSSTF Collective Bargaining Committee. He is currently the Region 4 moderator for the Protective Services Committee Regional Conference.


Email: hhulays@osstftoronto.ca
Phone: 416 393 8900 ext. 243


  • CPAC/CPAC Officer/Student Achievement Awards Executive Liaison
  • Human Rights Committee/Human Rights Officer Executive Liaison
  • Adult Education Members
  • OTF Governor
  • Staffing Officer
  • Grievances
  • Office Tech Trouble Shooting
  • TTBU Alternate Heath & Safety Inspector


  • Birchmount Park C. I.
  • Burnhamthorpe ALC
  • Burnhamthorpe C.I. – Edvance
  • City Adult Learning Centre (CALC)
  • City Adult Learning Centre (CALC) S.S. – Edvance
  • Emery A. L. C.
  • Emery C. I.
  • Emery Edvance
  • Heydon Park S. S.
  • Monarch Park C. I.
  • North Albion C.I.
  • Oakwood C.I.
  • Riverdale C.I.
  • Rosedale Heights School of the Arts
  • Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies (SCAS) ALC
  • Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies (SCAS) – Edvance
  • School of Life Experience (SOLE)
  • Sir William Osler H.S.
  • West Humber C.I.
  • Western Technical-Commercial School
  • Yorkdale ALC
  • Yorkdale S.S. – Edvance
  • Etobicoke Year-Round Alternative Centre
  • North East Year Round Alternative Centre
  • North West Year Round Alternative Centre
  • South East Year Round Alternative Centre