What We Do

The TTBU (Toronto Teachers’ Bargaining Unit) Executive works with Branch Presidents to provide support, advice, assistance and representation to members on an individual and group basis with respect to all contractual matters pertaining to their employment with the TDSB.

Collective Bargaining is one of the most important things that a union does. It is through this process that the Collective Agreement has been built and protected over time.

Grievances and Arbitration: the grievance process is outlined in the Collective Agreement and is the Members’ avenue to assurance that the Collective Agreement protections they fought to gain and hold on to are adhered to by the employer. If you feel that you have a matter that should be grieved under the Collective Agreement, contact your Executive Officer directly.

Workshops, Presentations and Training: The TTBU Executive provides training to Branch Presidents, committee members, Schools and Worksites and members in general in support of their rights under the Collective Agreement, to improve their skills and knowledge as union leaders, and to enhance their professionalism.