Staffing Update #7, January 30, 2015

As of the end of today’s placement meeting, 5 members whose contract status last year was 1.0 are still at .5 FTE.  Those five individuals will be contacted by the board with a reminder of the meeting that is being held on Monday, February 2 for teachers who remain on the Recall List.

In addition to those five teachers, there are a further 3 members whose contract status has been reverted to 1.0 by virtue of being placed in a half time placement in a full year school for the start of semester two after teaching in a semestered school first semester, and who, by virtue of this combination full year school and semestered school placement, are now earning 3/4 of full pay.

For teachers in both of these circumstances the board and OSSTF will continue to meet to review vacancies as they arise with the goal of returning each of them to 1.0 FTE status/full pay.

The second semester deadline to achieve class size caps is March 1, so as was the case in first semester we do expect there to be some vacancies created by the need to reduce the size of some classes.  The question, as always, will be whether those vacancies are a match with the qualifications of the people still on the Recall List or who need a semester school placement to revert to 100% salary.

The next staffing update will be provided at TBU Council on February 19.

As always, members are encouraged to direct questions or concerns to a member of the Executive at the Union office.