UPDATE : Staffing and Workload Survey Instructions

Dear Branch President,

As a follow-up to our email to you on February 14, 2024, please see the following reminders regarding the contractually-mandated 2024 Staffing and Workload Survey.

1) Please be reminded than when you have settled on the date for the survey with your Principal (in either the March, April or May Staff Meeting), please forward that information to reception@osstftoronto.ca, by no later than 3:30PM on February 28, 2024.

2) Please send the link to the survey to your members below only on the day of the survey, and clarify for them that the survey must be completed only during the time allotted during the applicable Staff Meeting.

3) Please be reminded that the survey is to be completed by all 1.0 or 0.5 TTBU members, and Adult Day School Teachers, but not Occasional Teacher Bargaining Unit members, including those working LTOs.

4) Please remind your members that they must be registered users of the osstftoronto.ca website in order to access the survey. If they are not currently registered, they should contact reception@osstftoronto.ca.

5) Please remind your members that they should have a copy of their timetable (indicating all periods’ assignments, and all course codes within those periods), a copy of their 2024 Seniority Verification Form, and a record of their Pupil Teacher Contacts ready when they complete the survey.

6) Please note that the link to survey can be found here:  https://osstftoronto.ca/2023-2024-staffing-and-workload-survey/

7) As Branch President, please complete the survey before your members do, so that you are familiar with it before your members do it on the applicable day.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Chris Chandler, at cchandler@osstftoronto.ca.