Stepping Out of the Celluloid Closet – a GSA curriculum resource for TGJ

OSSTF Toronto’s GSA is excited to share a curriculum resource including lesson plans and rubrics for use in grade 10, 11 or 12 Communication Technology (TGJ) classes.

The document was developed by OSSTF Toronto member Rachel Rosen. It is a classroom-ready package is to support members who would like to  incorporate the Positive Space Video Competition in their classroom.

The contest is an opportunity for students to win one of two prizes of $100 – one awarded by their peers, the other by the GSA –  and to explore these themes.

  • What is Positive Space?
  • What does Positive Space feel and look like?
  • How can we create safe and positive spaces for LGBTQQ2s people?

This curriculum resource and ready to use rubric are compliant with Ministry curricular expectations and assessment practices.