OSSTF Toronto Positive Space Video Contest

Please spread the word of this contest with your schools’ GSA/QSA/Social Justice Clubs –

This contest is an opportunity for students to explore:

  • What is Positive Space?
  • What does Positive Space feel and look like?
  • How can we create safe and positive spaces for LGBTQQ2s people?

Submissions should be an aesthetically-appealing video of 3 minutes (or less), which effectively communicates how Positive Space can be safer space for everyone. Their video may be:

  • A Public Service Announcement
  • A mini-documentary about positive space in your school
  • A music video, a poem, or another form of video

The District’s GSA is excited to present a classroom-ready package to support members who would like to incorporate this Competition in their classroom.

Videos can be in .MP4 or .AVI format and can be submitted by sharing the video with hhulays@osstftoronto.ca using Google Drive. There will be two prizes of $100 each, one voted by students, the other by the OSSTF GSA committee. Due date is April 6, 2018.