Communications and Political Action

The Communications and Political Action Committee is open to all interested Members of the District. Meetings are held monthly.

CPAC’s Terms of Reference, from the District Constitution. Terms of Reference To promote the dissemination of information within and between OSSTF Toronto members, Provincial OSSTF members, and the wider community. To provide expertise and advice in improving communications techniques and to make recommendations for long-term communications strategies. To advise the District Executive on matters relating to establishing and maintaining liaison with OTF affiliates and other groups supportive of public education. To provide for maintaining links with the Political Action Committees in the Districts of the Greater Toronto Area. To advise the District Executive on matters concerning political action aimed at serving the interests of the membership at all levels of government. To implement political action activities approved by Provincial OSSTF or the District Executive.

Our tentative meeting dates for 2022-23 are: Sept. 20, Oct. 25, Dec. 1, Jan. 10, Feb. 21, March 28, April 13, May 25, June 13

Executive Liaison: Jason Kunin

Committee Events