October 14th Day of Action: No Hybrid

All OSSTF Toronto Members are encouraged to participate in our…
October 14th Day of Action: NO HYBRID – Fund Emergency Virtual School NOW
What can you do to support this solidarity action?

1) Sticker Day – Show our Unity! Let’s show unity at our schools. “NO HYBRID: Fund Emergency Virtual School NOW” stickers have been shipped to all worksites. Feel Free to circulate the posters below and wear the stickers on October 14th. Consider handing out stickers to staff at schools entrances before the day begins. Take pictures and post on social media using the hashtags #NoHybrid #HybridHurtsKids #FundEmergencyVirtualSchool. We advise that you do not place the stickers on Board property or include any students in your social media posts.

2) Give a deputation to the TDSB’s “Planning and Priorities” Meeting, 4:30 -6:30 pm (online) As frontline workers, we see the impact of hybrid learning on our students and fellow staff members. Education workers, parents, students, and community members are all entitled to register to depute for up to 5 minutes to TDSB committees. Please join us in registering to make a deputation. Speak to your own expertise and experience: What problems do you see in the hybrid learning model? How is it negatively impacting students? How is disproportionately impacting students already marginalized by the system? What are your concerns? Register by email to delegates@tdsb.on.ca by 4:30 pm on Tuesday, Oct 12. Use the form below, and refer to the process described here.