Collective Bargaining

Collective Bargaining Committee

The Collective Bargaining Committee ascertains the negotiating priorities of the membership through the development, distribution and debriefing of a membership survey and collate and summarize the results of the membership survey; provide recommendations to the TTBU Executive regarding negotiating priorities based on the results of the membership survey; create a conceptual brief for presentation to the TTBU Executive not later than sixty Days prior to the expiration of the current Collective Agreement. The membership of the Collective Bargaining Committee shall be limited to a maximum of 15 Members, including at least one representative from an Adult Education Centre, one representative from a Junior High School, the Chief Negotiator and the liaison from the Executive.  The membership of the committee shall remain intact for one complete round of negotiations, including ratification of a new Collective Agreement.

Grievance Appeals

The Collective Bargaining Committee  elects three members of the committee to serve as the Grievance Appeal Committee.  Member(s) wishing to appeal a decision of the Executive not to carry forward a grievance shall do so in writing to the Executive Liaison to the Collective Bargaining Committee within 20 Days of being informed of the decision.

Executive Liason: Nicole Gauthier


Committee Events

  • This committee does not have any upcoming events.