Candidates Literature – Executive Elections 2022 – First Piece

The rules around In-School Literature Distribution are explained in the TTBU Executive Election Rules, 2022 and state the following: The Candidate is responsible for ensuring that distribution occurs in accordance with the In-School Literature Distribution rules contained herein. A Candidate may only distribute the above referenced first... Read More

Candidates for TTBU Executive Elections, 2022

With nominations now closed, we would like to take this opportunity to draw to the attention of all TTBU Members the following information: Candidates and contact information for TTBU Executive Election, 2022:  President – one to be elected – Michelle Teixeira – Acclaimed. Vice President – two to be elected Rick... Read More

Informing and Engaging Members April 28, 2022 – May 1 Day of Action, Addressing Anti-Black Racism Committee, Annual General Meeting and more…

Application to the Provincial Addressing Anti-Black Racism/Racism Committee Motions were carried at AMPA 2022 to create a new standing committee: the Addressing Anti-Black Racism/Racism Committee for 2022-2023.  The Committee will be comprised of up to 12 members including up to 7 members who identify as Black or racialized appointed by the... Read More

Branch Presidents’ Memo – April 25, 2022

Dear Branch President, Continuing thanks for your hard work on behalf of your members, on your School Staffing Committee and beyond. See below for some important reminders and updates. Surplus to School declaration issues The meeting for TTBU members confirmed Surplus to School has been moved from its original date of April 26th, 2022, to May... Read More

Survey Seeks Input on Mining Industry Influence in Schools

The Mining Injustice Solidarity Network (MISN) is doing a survey of teachers, students and administrators in Toronto to learn more about mining industry influence in Toronto schools. The Canadian mining industry currently pours a ton of resources into teaching kids and youth that large-scale industrial mining is neutral, normal, inevitable... Read More

Branch Presidents’ Memo – April 19, 2022

Dear Branch President, June 2 Provincial Election – Assistaance Requested  Please be advised that during the week of Apr 19, 2022 a delivery of OSSTF/ FEESO postcards related to the June 2nd Provincial election will be delivered to each school to the attention of the Branch President. Branch Presidents who work in schools are asked […] Read More