Reopening schools: Provincial OSSTF report on Ministry of Education Discussion Table – Issue #1

The following is a memo from Provincial OSSTF:

Re:  Reopening of Schools – Report on Ministry of Education Discussions – Issue #1

As we have reported to you in recent weeks, OSSTF/FEESO has attempted to engage in meaningful consultations with Ministry of Education officials regarding the reopening of schools in September.  Despite our attempts to provide sound advice to the government on the reopening of schools and other matters related to emergency remote learning, they have ignored most of our advice.

We provided Ministry of Education officials notice last week that we will issue reports to our members on these discussions throughout the summer.  This is in response to the misleading assertions by the Minister of Education that his government has listened carefully to unions, and front line teachers and education workers ever since schools closed in March 2020.

Attached is the first issue of Reopening of Schools – Report on Ministry of Education Discussions . In an effort to give transparency to this “consultation” process these reports will be posted through OSSTF social media accounts for as long as these table discussions continue