OSSTF Toronto District 12 anti-Black racism statement and actions

OSSTF Toronto District 12 Executive unanimously endorsed the following statement and actions:

The Toronto Teachers, Occasional Teachers and Professional Student Support Services Bargaining Units of OSSTF District 12, Toronto, acknowledge the pervasive and destructive forces of anti-Black racism and white supremacy on our membership, the students our members work with and everyone else it touches. We recognize the importance of speaking out as well as acting.

Submit to Provincial OSSTF motions to:

  • Develop an anti-Black racism workshop for all OSSTF members
  • Develop a workshop for all OSSTF members on how to be a supportive ally
  • Donate $7500 to Black Lives Matter

In addition:

  • A donation by OSSTF Toronto of $1000 to Black Lives Matter Toronto
  • A donation by OSSTF Toronto of $1000 to The Black Youth Hotline
  • A donation by OSSTF Toronto of $1000 to Black Health Alliance
  • The immediate establishment of an OSSTF Toronto website page containing a curated list of anti-black racism resources.  The initial list was selected to centre authors that are Black and People of Colour. This starter list of resources can be found on the new anti-Black racism resource  webpage.

OSSTF Toronto Committees will also be working on additional actions.  There will be further information reported as plans are finalized and details become available.