Questions for TPH

Questions for Toronto Public Health

Toronto's frontline education workers and teachers may use this form to submit questions for Toronto Public Health. Duplicate questions will be culled and a final list of questions sent to TPH. TPH will provide an answer sheet which local leaders will distribute to Members. This process will be repeated on a regular basis to allow teachers and education workers direct access to the experts at TPH.
  • If we need clarification about your question, we will use this email address to contact you.
  • Select your union/bargaining unit from the drop down list below. If you are an OSSTF P/T Teacher and P/T Occasional Teacher, choose one or the other.
  • Please ask your question succinctly and clearly. No long preambles please. If you have more than one question, please go back and create another entry into this form by clicking the original link. If you list more than one question here, only the first question will be submitted.