Update on Central Table Bargaining, September 24, 2019 • ISSUE 12

Update on Central Table Bargaining September 24, 2019 • ISSUE 12

Today, OSSTF/FEESO released both the Support Staff and Teacher/Occasional Teacher central table bargaining briefs to the public. In doing so, OSSTF/FEESO has taken the first step in an unprecedented approach to bargaining in the school board sector in Ontario.  At a media conference held at Queen’s Park this afternoon, President Harvey Bischof announced that OSSTF/FEESO will make every step of the bargaining process transparent to the public.

Since the beginning of that process, the Ford government and the Minister of Education have made a number of public pronouncements that simply do not align with their actions. We believe
that our best hope of countering any future misinformation from the government is to do what we can to ensure that the process is as transparent as possible.

Our bargaining proposals are reasonable, forward-looking and focused on creating the best possible learning environments in our schools. We welcome the public to look closely at our
proposed way forward, to see if it aligns with their vision for publicly-funded education.

The full Support Staff and Teacher/Occasional Teacher bargaining briefs, along with comprehensive summaries, will be available soon to members and to the public at BargainingForEducation.ca.

A video message from President Bischof to OSSTF/FEESO to members and a copy of today’s Media Release is available on the Federation website at www.osstf.on.ca.

Please frequently check the myOSSTF section of the OSSTF/FEESO website for updated information.