Election Commission – Call for Members

In accordance with the TTBU Constitution, Bylaw 3.1.7, an Election Commission, consisting of members of Council, shall be established in an election year and shall stay in existence for two years.

It shall operate for both regular biennial May elections and by-elections that may occur during this two year period. The Election Commission is charged with reviewing and publishing the rules that will govern elections for TTBU Executive, receiving nominations for all elected positions, monitoring the fair and equitable treatment of all candidates, monitoring campaign literature and its distribution, and Chairing the elections portion of the AGM. It is also charged with an examination of the election procedure and presenting a report with any recommended changes on time and in writing to the September Council following an election.

Interested TTBU Council Members who wish to volunteer to be a member of the TTBU Election Commission are asked to submit a completed copy of the Election Commission Membership Form to the TTBU Office no later than 4:30 pm on Monday, October 28, 2019.

The Election Commission Membership Form is available here.