Train the Trainer Workshop

The Ford government is skillful at distracting from harmful funding cuts with chaos, confusion and sideshow entertainment. Our work as educators committed to defending public education is to cut through the rhetoric and let our coworkers and neighbours know how these budget cuts are likely to impact our daily lives. What will a $1 Billion cut mean for our workload as educators? What will it mean for students with disabilities or autism, families with young children, or those living in underserved neighbourhoods?

We are asking educators to take leadership as advocates for public education. The D12 Political Action Committee is hosting a series of train-the-trainer workshops across the city.

As always child care will also be covered.


 Our hope is that educators in every school will host info sessions to deepen our shared understanding of the Ford education agenda and build our capacity to fight back and defend public education. We have a slideshow, FAQ sheets, flyers, and petitions ready to go.  Please consider joining us for one of the train-the-trainer sessions, in order to share these materials with your networks, including coworkers, parent councils, community and faith groups.

We know that healthy schools are foundational to healthy communities. Let’s use our skills and connections as educators to protect the public good.