The Camille Natale Awards

The Camille Natale Awards 2018


The annual Camille Natale Awards reflect OSSTF Toronto’s belief in the power of student action to make a difference for peace, social justice, equity and human rights locally and globally. The awards are administered by both the District’s Political Action and Human Rights Committees. Awards are made to the two applications that most strongly meet the criteria. Each award is valued at $250.00.

The award is granted in recognition and memory of Camille Natale, a much loved OSSTF Toronto Teacher, who was a warm, accepting, passionate activist with an unwavering faith in humanity. Her curriculum was infused with issues of social justice and labour history, and Camille was also a strong public advocate for human rights in Canada and abroad. More detail about her life can be found in a short profile, available at the bottom of this page.


 Nominations are open to any secondary school student or group of students in the Toronto District School Board who in any or all of the following has:

  • worked directly to address issues of peace, social justice, human rights or equity in the school, local community or beyond
  • advocated for the human rights or equity of an individual or group
  • worked to bring groups in conflict together for resolution
  • inspired others toward involvement in human rights & social justice

The selection of the successful applicant(s) will be based on:

  • the scope of the human rights/equity work
  • the length of time involved in that activity
  • the impact on the life of an individual, the school or community
  • the obstacles overcome to be successful
  • the level of commitment and the sustainability of the action as illustrated by the nomination package


Nominators complete the nomination form and send it to the District 12 office, attention the Human Rights Committee. Nomination forms must be accompanied by at least one letter of reference from a staff member at the nominee’s school, a personal statement from the nominee on his or her engagement with human rights, the completed summary sheet in the application package, and supporting documentation. Nomination forms are available in hard copy and posted on-line.

The deadline is April 3, 2018.

Contact Chris Chandler, Executive Liaison D12 HRC or Michelle Teixeira, Executive Liaison D12 PAC at 393-8900;

Nomination Forms and Application details are below.