Summer/Summer School Strike Rules

Summer/Summer School Strike rules

 All Members

  • Members will not attend any board offered/mandated PD during the months of July and August unless on a voluntary basis and remunerated at their regular rate of pay, prorated to the amount of time spent in the PD session(s).

 Summer School

Due to the unique nature of summer school including the fact that many of the Administration positions are filled by our members and that there are no Branch Presidents in summer school sites, but keeping in mind our goal of a good collective agreement, the Executive has determined that the following Strike Rules will be in place for all teachers hired to teach in the TDSB’s 2016 high school summer school program.

Please note that there are some differences between this set of strike rules and the strike rules under which current OSSTF TTBU members have been working. Please read the following carefully.

If you will be teaching in a TDSB high school summer school program this year, please bring your copy of these rules with you to your work site and speak with your colleagues about them.

Please ensure that any summer school colleague who is not also a Toronto Teachers Bargaining Unit Member is aware of these rules which are also posted on our website as a public document.

If you have any questions about the rules prior to the start of summer school, please email your Executive Officer. Questions after summer school has started should be emailed to Leslie Wolfe at She will work with the Rules Committee to provide you with an answer.

General Duties

Members will:

  • provide instruction to students, including extra help in accordance with their regular practice
  • professionally manage their time in order to liaise with colleagues in support of student success
  • professionally manage their time to engage in lesson planning and to mark student      assignments
  • monitor and respond to student behavior and safety issues in communal school areas, and in their classroom
  • supervise only their own students during school assemblies
  • provide ongoing feedback to students in accordance with their usual practice
  • maintain records of students’ marks in accordance with their regular practice
  • complete attendance and late forms and submit in accordance with regular practice
  • collect textbooks and participate in summer school closing routines
  • professionally manage their time to voluntarily provide progress feedback to parents and students in accordance with their regular practices
  • report their absence to the summer school principal/vice principal

Members may:

  • continue to plan and participate in school assemblies, conduct field trips
  • plan/attend special school events

Coverages and Supervisions

Members will not:

  • provide coverage for absent teachers
  • teach a group of students that has been combined with their own due to the absence of a colleague, or in the case of Teacher Librarians, supervise students sent to the library due to the absence of a colleague
  • engage in assigned supervision outside of OSSTF-recognized emergencies

Administrative Support to the School and the Board

Members will not:

  • hold/attend department meetings
  • attend staff meetings
  • attend any administrative meeting held by the Board or in school
  • moderate or maintain Academic Workspace, school web pages, school Facebook pages or school Twitter feeds
  • distribute any Board materials that are not directly related to classroom instruction of students, except for guidance appointment slips, or materials related to students applying to a post-secondary program


  • Nothing in these rules will impact on the normal and regular activities in your school related to the organization, administration, supervision and marking of exams

Report Cards

Members will:

  • for all students regardless of grade, provide the actual numerical mark – as determined by you in accordance with your own professional judgement and practices – that the students have earned, regardless of board policy to the contrary, (i.e. – if a student earned 10% or 49%, then that’s the mark that is reported; if they earned 0%, then report that mark, etc.)
  • for grade 12 classes only, either populate the Learning Skills section with an “S” or leave it blank, depending on the reporting system used as per the last reporting rounds, and only if the reporting system requires data in the comment field, use the following comment: “No comment is available at this time. The Learning Skills designation is a place holder only”, as per previous report card strike rules
  • continue to complete the Ministry Alternative Report Card for special education students.

Members will not:

  • input/upload marks for grades 9 – 11 classes
  • provide Learning Skills or Comments for report cards regardless of grade (see specifics above)
  • stuff report card envelopes
  • distribute report cards
  • complete or issue school/board developed/initiated progress reports

Ministry’s Alternative Report Card

  • Members whose students receive the Ministry’s Alternative Report Card report cards will continue to complete these report cards as normal

Lead Teachers

  • Any part of your job description that is affected by these strike rules which are in effect for all teachers must be adhered to by Lead Teachers accordingly.