Bargaining Update: Safe Schools Now! Campaign

Bargaining Update: Safe Schools Now! Campaign

On Thursday, May 19, OSSTF Toronto launched the Safe Schools Now Campaign.  Trustees were targeted that day in their community’s local news paper.  At the same time a website was launched to explain the concerns with health and safety in schools, and where, with a couple of clicks of the mouse, a letter will be sent to a person’s  Toronto trustee urging them to make student and teacher safety a priority.

If you live in Toronto, you have a Trustee (unless you’re in one of the three Wards that currently have vacancies). Go now to our website.  Click the “e-mail your school trustee” link found on the right hand side of the page.  With another click or two you can tell your Trustee to take your safety seriously!

We need EVERY member and every concerned Toronto resident to do this now!

If you don’t live in Toronto, share the website and a message to Toronto friends and families – use Facebook, Twitter and email. Ask them to email their trustee to demand safer, healthier work spaces for teachers and students.

Collective action and solidarity take many forms – make this one of them!