Staffing & Workload

Workload Accord

The Workload Accord was first developed by the Toronto Teachers’ Bargaining Unit in response to the Harris Tories’ requirement that teachers’ workload reflect a system wide average of 6.67 periods out of eight, a requirement that occurred after the Collective Agreement for that working year had already been settled.

When the McGuinty Liberals agreed through bargaining that secondary teacher workload should revert to six out of eight, the Workload Accord was maintained in order to have a document that could be reviewed annually and that would fully describe the working conditions of secondary teachers in Toronto.

Like the Secondary Staffing Manual in which the Workload Accord is kept, the Accord is considered an addendum to the Collective Agreement and therefore is enforceable through the grievance and arbitration process.  In accordance with the Collective Agreement, it is reviewed annually and revised where mutual agreement between the Bargaining Unit and the TDSB can be achieved.

In the Workload Accord you will find details about the rights and obligations of TTBU members in relation to working conditions including details about class size caps.

If you have any questions or concerns about whether your teaching assignment breaches the workload provisions of the Collective Agreement or Workload Accord, please contact your Executive Officer immediately.