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School Staffing Committees Election Procedures


The term of office for School Staffing Committees is November 1 – October 31.

Nominations for membership on this committee must occur annually in accordance with the TTBU Constitution and where there are more candidates than positions, elections must be held prior to November 1. The election procedures outlined below are excerpted from the TTBU Constitution.

The Duties of the School Staffing Committee are outlined in the Collective Agreement and in the Secondary Staffing Manual (Blue Binder).


OSSTF Staffing Committee Election Procedures

1. Election for staffing committee representatives shall occur at an OSSTF branch meeting with only OSSTF members present by the end of October of each school year. The date of the upcoming election shall be posted on the OSSTF bulletin board no later than two weeks prior to the branch meeting at which the election is to occur.

2. Nomination forms  shall be placed in all members’ mailboxes no later than one week prior to the date of the branch election date. Completed nomination forms shall be returned to the Branch President.

3. Nominations shall close at 4:00 p.m. on the school day which is two school days before the branch election is to be held.

4. Names of nominees shall be posted on the OSSTF bulletin board upon close of nominations. Should only enough names come forward to fill the vacant positions, then those names shall be posted on the OSSTF bulletin board, with an acclamation declaration and an announcement of the acclaimed members at the upcoming branch meeting.

5. Elections shall be conducted by secret ballot.

6. Counting of ballots must be done by OSSTF members only. Each candidate may have one scrutineer.

7. The two members with the highest vote count shall be declared elected.

8. Names of the elected members may be announced at the end of the ballot count, and must be posted on the OSSTF bulletin board the day after the election is held.

9. A motion to recycle the ballots should be entertained at the end of the ballot count or at the next branch meeting.

10. NOTE: The Collective Agreement requires that the Branch President inform the principal in writing of the members of the staffing committee by November 15 of each school year. (L19.2)