District General Meetings

Per the OSSTF Toronto Constitution, a District General Meeting will be held each year to approve the District Budget. This meeting usually occurs each October. Having a District Budget in place is the first and necessary step to having Bargaining Unit Budgets in place.

The District Annual General Meeting is usually held in June of each year. This is the only meeting at which amendments to the OSSTF Toronto (District) Constitution can be made. Hold the date for Thursday, June 10, 2021!

The deadline for submission of on-time motions to amend the OSSTF Toronto Constitution will be posted closer to the meeting and any motions with an associated cost must be accompanied by a reasonable cost estimate, as per Bylaw 13.3.1.

If meetings are virtual, information about how to register for the meetings and instructions for how to ensure you are able to access the Voting Centre on the Provincial OSSTF website will be provided.

When meeting in person, OSSTF Members are requested to refrain from wearing scented personal care products at both of the District General Meetings.

Questions may be directed to Rony Masri at

Details about each meeting will be posted here: DGM. Below, please find the current District Rules of Order (adopted by the Delegates at the DGM in the Fall), the number of Delegates per bargaining unit for the current academic year, District Motion Forms, the District Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedure, a November 2020 DAGM Dinner Rebate Form, and the current OSSTF Toronto Constitution.