Collective Agreement Rights and Protections

Sick Leave Provisions

Below is a summary of the  clauses of the Collective Agreement and the applicable regulations in the Education Act. Members are advised to review the actual clausal language for complete accuracy.


A Teacher’s absence for illness for a period:

  • of five consecutive working days or less may be certified by the school principal or by the official of the Board in charge of the appropriate department;
  • of over five consecutive working days must be certified by a licensed medical practitioner or Doctor of Dental Surgery
  • of over 20 consecutive working days may in the discretion of the Executive Superintendent or designate be required to be certified monthly by such medical practitioner or Doctor of Dental Surgery before the Teacher shall be entitled to payment under this Agreement.


Each year each teacher will receive:

  • 11 Sick Days at 100% salary;
  • 120 Short Term Disability Leave Plan days (STDLP) days at 90% salary;
  • Top-up of the 90% days to 100% from the unused 11 Sick Days of the previous year
  • LTDI coverage (upon successful application) when Sick Days and STDLP days are exhausted.


So, for example, if you do not use 5 of your 11 Sick Days this year, next year you would receive:

  • 11 Sick Days at 100 % salary;
  • 120 STLDP days at 90%;
  • 5 days from your unused Sick Days of the previous year, to be used in portions of 10% to top-up your 90% STDLP days.

This could give you 50 additional days of sick leave at 100% salary. The remaining 70 STDLP days would be at 90% salary.