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What is the role of a POR?

The role of teachers who are holders of Positions of Responsibility may at times be a source of confusion and sometimes conflict in schools. This may be due in part to a lack of clear instruction by the administration to POR holders, or it may be due to the administration inappropriately downloading responsibilities to the PORs that are properly those of the administration. Regardless, both the Board and the Bargaining Unit agree that CLs and ACLs are facilitators, not administrators. For a good summary please see What is The Role of the POR? in FAQ section.

Below, we have attached a Protocol on the conduct of CLs and ACLs as well as the members of their respective departments in order to guide teachers on appropriate professional relationships in subject areas or school departments.

The Protocol is summarized as follows:

The CL’s “responsibility” is not to be confused with actual authority, which belongs solely to the Administration. The CL remains a colleague, mentoring and guiding, giving direction, but not managing, “directing,” or ordering (i.e., the CL is not a “boss”). The CL’s communication is therefore cordial and collegial in tone – modestly directive, but not authoritarian. Written memos are likewise modest; they are neutral, clear, occasional, and short.

Department members have, at minimum, the following responsibilities:

  • To accept the advice and direction of the CL/ACL on matters of routine business, and to give due consideration to ideas, proposals, or new initiatives.
  • To propose questions as they arise and to communicate concerns in a timely way, either at the meeting, after due consideration, or informally as appropriate.
  • To maintain decorum at meetings and in private conferences alike, ensuring that communication with the CL or other department members is courteous and respectful.
  • To keep the CL (or other members) informed of unusual activities or other events that might conceivably have an impact on the department or other members.

If you have concerns about that is happening in your department, or if you are a POR holder and have concerns about the direction given to you by an administrator, please contact your Executive Officer.