Educators Financial Group

Educators Financial Group, is an OSSTF member benefit that has been offering financial planning services plus a wide selection of investing and lending products and services exclusively to teachers, educational workers, and their families since 1975. This history helps us understand your needs better than any other financial institution.


With financial literacy as a part of the curriculum, it is now more important than ever that educators are financially literate. Take some time to empower yourself and build up your own knowledge, skills and confidence in financial literacy so that you can make the most responsible financial decisions.

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Educators Financial Group brings value in a number of ways including group learning sessions, financial literacy tools (the Learning Centre, calculators, on-site financial advice and so much more.

 Pencil in your budget with our calculator, and check out the other free resources on The Learning Centre.

  • Set your savings goals. Do you want to go on vacation? Create an emergency fund? Take advantage of a deferred salary plan? Buy your first (or second) home?
  • Attend a workshop. Ask your local or district representative to contact us about workshops on a number of topics, including Financial Planning 101, The Dos and Don’ts to Debt and Credit, and Walking into Retirement with a Plan.

Feel free to contact us online or at 1.800.263.9541 with any questions you have and to arrange for a meeting with one of our Certified Financial Planner professionals.