Local OSSTF Toronto Teachers’ Bargaining Unit (T.B.U.) Bargaining Bulletin #7 – Wednesday January 17, 2024

This information is confidential to members of OSSTF Toronto T.B.U.

OSSTF Toronto TBU met with representatives from the TDSB on January 10th and January 11th, 2024.  The Bargaining Unit completed their presentation of rationales for their Brief.  Discussions also began regarding the jurisdiction of some language contained in both the Bargaining Unit and the Board’s Briefs.  If either the Bargaining Unit or the Board feel an aspect of the other side’s Brief falls under the jurisdiction of central bargaining they can request this proposal be reviewed by Provincial OSSTF and the Ontario Public School Board Association (OPSBA).  If these parties determine a proposal falls under the jurisdiction of central bargaining the Bargaining Unit or Board must  withdraw the proposal from their respective Brief and the local bargaining table.          

The Bargaining Unit will meet with the Board again on January 22nd, 2024. 

The Bargaining Unit Table Team has also spent significant time preparing and producing documentation as required of all Bargaining Units by Provincial OSSTF’s Voluntary Binding Interest Arbitration (VBIA) process.  This document was submitted to Provincial OSSTF on January 12th, 2024, as required, to ensure the Bargaining Unit is able to move forward with local bargaining.

While our central and local contract expired on August 31st, 2022, there is no change to members’ working conditions, and we continue to work under the 2019-2022 Collective Agreement and related documents.

OSSTF Toronto TBU members will continue to receive updates regarding local bargaining as they are available.

Members with questions regarding local bargaining should contact Chief Negotiator Nicole Gauthier at ngauthier@osstftoronto.ca.