OSSTF District 12 Election Readiness

The provincial election in June 2022 will have a profound impact on the future of public education in Ontario. A Doug Ford majority would allow the Progressive Conservatives, claiming inflated deficits, to advance the party’s stated plans for privatization, attacks on seniority, merit pay, and vouchers. As a union, we need to activate and engage all levels of our membership from the school level up, to build the capacity and connections to prevent a Ford majority. The first step in this process is to collect member data that can assist in developing political action strategies that begin in schools and communities.

OSSTF D12 will use this data to work with Provincial OSSTF Election Organizers and to develop Communications and Political Action initiatives this winter and spring that will focus on local political and community engagement as a means to defeat the Doug Ford agenda.

Please complete all fields in the survey below. There are options not to disclose in those responses where you may feel that is the appropriate answer.

A high completion rate for all questions will ensure that OSSTF D12 has an accurate picture of its own members’ opinions and capacities, and improve out ability to work on a defeat of any Ford majority government.

D12 Member Political Action Survey

Personal info

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10. I have worked for a candidate in a provincial campaign in the past in the following way:
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11. I am fluent in the following languages other than English:
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Political Action

15. Union actions I'm willing to participate in or organize for election readiness, with training and direct support from D12:
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16. I am willing to organize an opportunity for a union representative to speak about election issues at a community group to which I belong

General Feedback

18. What would be your greatest concerns under a renewed Ford majority government, outside of education policy?
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20. What would be your greatest concerns under a renewed Ford majority government, within education policy?
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