Teachers Life Educator’s Income Protection Plan (LTD)

The Plan

The plan contains the following provisions:

Waiting period (Elimination Period) Later of 110 working days or expiration of sick leave
Benefit level 50% of gross salary
Monthly benefit maximum Based on maximum annual salary of $150,000
Cost of living allowance (COLA) Annual CPI increase to a maximum of 2% after 2 years
Canada Pension Plan offset Primary (offsets claimant benefit only)
All source maximum 100% of net earnings
Termination of Coverage Criteria* On the earliest of the following dates, less the length of the waiting period:

  • the date the member retires
  • the end of the month in which the member reaches age 65, or
  • the date the member becomes eligible for a 60% unreduced service pension.
Taxability Non-taxable
Participation basis Mandatory

Additional services provided by CAREpath, FeelingBetterNow®,  and Lifeworks (formerly Posaction) are part of the provincial LTD plan design for TBU members.

If you have any questions regarding the new provincial LTD plan design or the changes to your coverage, please contact your Executive Officer at OSSTF Toronto. (416)-393-8900.

*If you meet the criteria for Termination of Coverage and you wish to terminate your premium payments, please complete the attached form and submit it to Teachers’ Life.