2023-24 Status of Women Awards

The OSSTF District 12 Status of Women Committee honours outstanding women: teachers, Professional Student Services Personnel and students.
Award winners will be chosen, and awarded a certificate, according to the specific categories in which they are nominated, plus the following general criteria:
Schools/worksites may nominate up to two teachers, two PSSP members, and two students. Schools with a student population that exceeds 500 may nominate up to four students.
The Status of Women Committee will make the final determination as to who will be considered for an award based on the information provided by the nominator. It is advised that schools and sites coordinate their nomination(s) through their Status of Women Representative and/or Branch President.
Preference will be given to nominees who have not won in the last four years.
In order to be eligible for an award, nominees must meet the criteria as specified on the nomination form. Please use the appropriate nomination form.
Please note:
● Late nominations will not be considered.
● Only successful applications will be contacted
● The deadline for nominations is: Friday, May 17th, 2024

Questions can be directed to Nicole Gauthier at ngauthier@osstftoronto.ca