2023-24 Kathryn Maxwell Bursday Application

2023 2024 Kathryn Maxwell Bursary Application

In an effort to assist OSSTF Toronto members with engaging in, or continuing the efforts to raise awareness about, women’s issues and their impact on our daily lives; locally or globally we are offering teachers and PSSP members the opportunity to apply for an annual bursary in honour of Kathryn Maxwell. Clubs and/or events which raise awareness, consciousness or encourage activism pertaining to women’s issues may receive funding of up to $100 per worksite, per year. As each TDSB worksite is limited to one application per year members are encouraged to coordinate their applications through their Branch President. Applications will be accepted on first come, first served, rolling basis until May 31, 2024 or until the Committee’s allotted funds are allocated. Only successful applications will be acknowledged