Health and Safety

2017 Branch Presidents Workshop Health & Safety Slide Presentation


These slideshows are designed in such a way as to answer common health & safety frequently asked questions such as:

  • How is the TDSB divided up for health & safety purposes and where each of our four inspectors is assigned geographically
  • How to contact said inspector
  • Description of health & safety office organisation
  • Where to find and how to utilise health & safety forms & documents including the Electronic Report of a Workplace Violent Incident (ERWVI), the Health & Safety Concern/ Near Miss Incident form, the Employee Report of Accident/Injury form, and the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) forms/ process
  • Identifying some of the common occupational health & safety concerns & near misses our inspectors find as well as how said concerns are addressed
  • An orientation of both the OSSTF Toronto & TDSB websites through a health & safety lens

If one has specific health & safety questions one is encouraged to contact the appropriate health & safety inspector and/or one’s Executive Officer.  This information is available on our website here for inspectors & here for Executive members or by calling (416) 393-8900.