Constituency Week

After just a couple of weeks back in the Legislature, MPP’s are back in their ridings for a Constituency Week from November 11 – 15.  As a part of our efforts to keep the pressure up on Doug Ford’s caucus, we are asking all OSSTF Toronto Members who live in Ridings with PC MPPs to do at least one of the following:

  1. Complete the attached letter by filling in the appropriate information, and then send it to your MPP to demand they stand up for Ontario’s students.  Copy the Education Critic for the Official Opposition on your letter.
  2. Call your MPP’s office after hours and leave a message that includes some or all of the following points.  Remember to say you are a voter in their riding and that you would like a return call:
    • You are a voter in their riding
    • You work as a (teacher, occasional teacher, support staff worker – name the specific job).  
    • If you are a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, of school-aged children, mention that.
    • Tell them how you feel about their cuts to education and their treatment of you/your child/niece/nephew/grandchild’s teachers and support staff workers
    • Tell them about the importance to our communities and our democracy the publicly funded school system is to ensure all children in Ontario have access to a well funded school system.
    • Tell them how the cuts have impacted the students where you work, especially if your school is in their Riding.
    • Ask them what they are doing to ensure good, well funded schools in Ontario
    • Ask them how they intend to stand up for the students of Ontario.
    • Ask them what they are doing to speak out against the cuts to education.

If your school is in the same riding where you live, Call your MPP office and ask for an appointment to meet with them.  Tell them you are a teacher/education worker and that you want to talk specifically about how the cuts to education are impacting the students in your school.